SFMTA announces extension of deadline for Muni senior and youth Clipper card transition

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has extended the deadline for Muni youth and senior discount pass customers to switch to the Clipper card program from January to May. This will provide additional opportunities for monthly pass purchasers to apply for and receive their Clipper cards. Senior and youth Muni customers must begin purchasing their passes on Clipper cards by the end of May. Clipper monthly pass sales begin the 17th of each month.

In March, April and May, Muni senior and youth discount monthly paper pass customers will receive additional information about the switch to Clipper when they purchase their monthly passes. Ongoing special outreach programs will continue by building on previous presentations made at more than 150 community events.

The SFMTA has issued nearly 25,000 Muni senior Clipper cards and 9,000 youth cards. Senior or youth customers who have already obtained their Clipper cards are encouraged to use any of the following outlets to purchase their monthly passes or to add cash value to their cards:
• Muni ticket vending machines in the nine Muni Metro stations
• Local Clipper retailers, which can be found at www.clippercard.com
• Online at www.clippercard.com
• By phone: call Clipper customer service at 877-878-8883

Adult “A” Fast Pass and Regional Transit Connection customers led the Muni transition to Clipper in November. Adult “M” Fast Pass customers will switch in March. In December, there were more than four million Muni customer boardings using a Clipper or TransLink card. This represents a nearly 500 percent increase since last June (the month Clipper was launched).

For more information on the Clipper card, please visit www.clippercard.com. Muni customers can learn more about using the Clipper card on Muni and the transition to Clipper by visiting www.sfmta.com/clipper.